Friday, December 20, 2013


Those snowflakes on the window did the trick, and last week we went from 4 inches to 20 or so in a few short days.  We've been sledding and X-country skiing, appreciating this fluffy snow before it ices up or melts away.  For a week it was cold, cold, here, negative numbers well after sun up for a day or two.  Now that we're back to double digits 30 degrees feels downright comfortable.  But when its cloudy like today I really feel the low light.  Like an all day dusk we just can't seem to shake.  Only two more days, then we're on the up.  Those Pageans really knew what they were doing celebrating with light and festivals to tide through these dark days--and those Christians really knew what they were doing when they claimed this time for their most special of days.  I'm feeling grateful to all the faiths for the lights, song, and celebration that gets us through this month.   Mostly though, we grateful for snowsuits, mittens, boots, skis, snowshoes, sleds and snow, plus healthy bodies to carry us through and across it.  

Today we're cleaning and baking and setting up a bonfire, in preparation for far too many people to squeeze into our space come evening.  It is sure to be a crowded, chaotic mix of fun, good food, drink and joy. 
Merry Merry!  


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