Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Farewell to Summer

This year made it our 7th annual equinox celebration atop Mt. Batty in Camden.  We gather with a small hand full of friends to watch the last sunset of summer over the western hills and Appleton Ridge.  The photos are lovely, but do not be fooled by the sun and the T-shirt clad children, this year was the worst weather yet.  The wind was gale force and made it nearly unbearable.  When we stood up our chairs were blown over, and any stray jacket was whisked away.  We barely made it to sunset, but we did.  Another season  passed with good friends by our side.  We love this tradition.  

Below, a few shots from the first few years.  Mostly the same kids, only much smaller!

     1st year  


(4th, 5th6th years here).

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