Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We spent our first camping trip of the summer at our favorite campground, Lamoine State Park.
It was our fist outing this year in Adelle, our soft-top pop camper, circa 1970.  We love Adelle.

I never thought I would have a camper, never mind love it.  When Rob first mentioned wanting to find one I cringed, "That's not real camping".  Real camping is hiking and roughing it in the woods for a few days.  But, with three kids we weren't doing that either.  We were packing the van full with all kinds of "essentials" including ice, a cooler, marshmallows, pillows and even an air mattress.  Nevermind the baby back pack, tricycle, scooters, kites, towels, and beach gear.  Roughing it?  Hmmn...maybe in a few years.

It turns out car camping is way more fun with a camper chiefly because you can leave it packed and not have to pack and unpack after each trip (except of coarse food and clothes).  Which also means we forget less each time.  The beds are more comfortable than the ground, and we don't have to deal with an air mattress.  (I really hated using the air matress--mostly on principal.)  To prepare for the trip Adelle got some new improved cabinets with the help of Rob's dad.  I'm hoping to someday recover the cushions and give her a new coat of paint.

For now though, we're just enjoying the simplicity of camping.  Its not roughing it, but it is a chance to relax, enjoy one another without the demands of house/yard chores, gardening and work calls interfering.  And at Lamoine we are only 15 minutes from Acadia National Park, so we always head over there for a day or two of hiking, biking, and playing at Sand Beach.

This past weekend we were joined by friends which makes it all the more fun.  It means more company around the late night campfire, warm clothes to share for those of us who didn't realize it would be 40 degrees at night (thanks!), we can share the meal preparation and clean up, and the kids were well entertained for the most part.  Love that.

Here's to a summer of great camping!

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