Thursday, June 2, 2011

Homeschool Thursday

I've mentioned before we've been using Right Start Math for the past two years and are really enjoying it.  One of the interesting things about this curriculum is how they mix a little bit of seemingly unrelated geometry into each lesson.  I guess the point is just early exposure--there's not a lot of focus on definitions or terminology, just developing an understanding of the concepts.  The program also recommends keeping a math journal, which we have not done, but am wishing we had.  I do save a sample of the kids work each week, so I'm thinking of working with them to assemble their work into a book.  (We've been doing this for history all along and they really like looking back on their work, and will have their own homemade history book at the end of the year. )

The past couple weeks we've been talking about symmetry, working to create symmetrical block patterns and using a reflector at the line of symmetry to see how accurate we were.  Also making paper butterflies folded down the middle to create symmetrical patterns on the wings, and looking for symmetry outside and in nature.  Juniper headed out with the camera, here's what she came up with.

Math is always more fun with a camera.

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