Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Morsels

*   It finally got hot here.  Last week we had two days in the upper 80's and while we didn't make it to the beach we did break out the sprinkler and fill the outdoor tub with cold water.

 *  I made Juniper this sun hat to replace the toddler hat she's been borrowing from Kale.  Its still awaiting a ribbon to tie it tight against her head (and allow for size adjustment as she grows).

*  The flowers are truly in bloom now, irises, tea roses, rhododendrons (which I never thought I liked before now) and soon the cosmos as well.  We're bummed that all the zinnias were scratched up by the chickens, but I heard Village Farm has some zinnia flats for sale so we may have to get some replacements.

*  The chickens know its summer and are doing their part.  We have one lady sitting at the moment who is most unhappy about having her eggs snatched each day (we have no rooster, so no worries about possible chickies  growing in there, though the poor lady doesn't realize she's wasting her time).

*  Kale has always loved when I vacuum--good thing since I seem to do a lot of it.  But now, he insists on doing it himself.  Its a little slower but as long as I can put up with the sound for a while he does get a fair bit done for me.

*  I ordered this little book a while ago.  It is all hand written on the inside which might make you think it would be a pain to read, but its really not.  It has directions for making all kinds of household cleaning products as well as advice on gardening.  We made some face wash last week and are hoping to do some tooth powder this week.  If it comes out well we'll have no more tubes to throw out.

*  These are the perfect recipes for Wylie since one of his favorite activities is creating "experiments" that involve mixing all kinds of kitchen ingredients to see what happens.  Usually nothing (unless baking soda and vinegar are involved) but now we get face soap!  

*  The kids set up a terrarium weeks ago and have been in search of just the perfect inhabitant.  "Claude Hopper" (who we later learned was Claudia) was perfect for the job.  We gave her plenty of slugs and a few earth worms which our books said she would enjoy.  I never saw her attempt one, but when Wylie caught a huge housefly and dropped it in she didn't waste any time.  Toads may look lumpy, but their tongues are fast!
She has recently been returned to the great outdoors, well fed and unharmed.  We now have a resident frog.

*  Kale is sporting some new Mama made tractor pants salvaged from an old shirt of Uncle Casey's.  At first he didn't seem to care about the tractors on the hem, but recently has been picking them out himself to wear, shouting "trat-tor, trat-tor!"  Love that.

*  I started this sundress for Juni last summer as a birthday gift and just now got around to finishing it. This one is made from a pair of curtains found at Good Will.   Surprisingly it still fits, and while it didn't come out as well as I hoped she still loves it, which is really all I could ask. 

*  With all that rain this spring I'd forgotten what a nice place our front porch can be early on a sunny morning.  I've been having my coffee/tea out there along with a few furry friends and have decided it is one of the very best ways to start the day.

Happy Monday to you!

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  1. Aww, miss you guys. It looks like so much fun at your place, we would love to be able to get together to play with you all. I love your sewing projects, I really need to pick up a sewing machine too. Your science corner looks just like ours, I need to take some pics soon.


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