Thursday, January 19, 2012

homeschool thursday

We had a long respite from any kind of organized learning around the holidays.  The week before Christmas we were busy creating, decorating, and cleaning for guests, the week after enjoying some family time, and the week of New Year's playing with schooled friends home on vacation.  By the end of this time Juniper said, "Mom, can we do some math please".  Love this.  Times like these reassure me that yes, we're doing something right.  

A few more child led learning moments from the first weeks of this new year:  

                     "Let's do some chemistry"  

He would of  course prefer toxic chemicals, and as he often mentions, "a real bunsen burner", but fortunately was happy (in this particular case) to work with colored water, funnels, and test tubes.  

business on top, party down below!
    home made bunsen burner

"Presenting:  the Nutcracker"

This was a math lesson in calculating perimeter, that quickly turned into a game of finding perimeter, area, volume, and an introduction to multiplication (oh and a little gymnastics because, well you know how it goes).

This tracing paper was a gift I picked out that has been a huge hit.  Its fun to see what they choose to trace:  design magazines, clothing catalogs, bird books.  

All good stuff, and all child led.  A nice way to kick off the new year.  

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  1. Looks like fun, and so nice to see them initiate their own learning.

    Wylie's legs look so long in that picture!


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