Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Morsels

With the Christmas tree out of the house we realized this under-used sunny corner of our dining area.  By sliding the table over just a bit (and adjusting the pendant light with yarn and a thumbtack) viola, a nice corner for sitting and knitting/reading/nursing.  I'm hoping to get a cover made for this chair as it is really not the coziest.  I have some foam left over from an old project, but am coveting some material from our local fabric store.  

Check out the yard through the window--hard to believe this picture was taken in January, not July.  

* Juniper and I had a girls date, just the two of us.  We met Rob in town after ice skating and he took the boys home while Junebug and I headed to the local bookstore/cafe for a coffee and reading date.  Shortly after we got in the car she realized that she had no dress with her.  "Mama, I just have my tights on under my snow pants!"  (panic rising in her voice).  That's ok, the bookstore is not a fancy place, you can stay in your snow pants.  "I cannot go on a date in snow pants--for a date you get dressed up!"  Never mind that I was in jeans and a huge wool sweater.  Hmmm.  Fortunately Goodwill is just down the street from the bookstore.  Children's clothes are only $1.99 and there is never a shortage of little girl dresses.  I scored myself a hoodie to boot.  This little date was just what we needed.  

* On Wednesday, the kids and I found ourselves in Augusta after a dentist appointment that was much shorter than planned (only because we'll have to go back next week for the real deal) and spent a few hours at the children's museum there.  It was our first time in their new location.  This museum is very small, just the right size for little ones but with enough variety for the older kids too.  I can see Wylie getting bored after a few trips there, but being new to us all of the kids had a blast.  

Afterward we had to recreate the job site at home with the tower as a ladder, and cardboard tools.  

* When he's not in worker guy attire Kale spends the rest of his day in drag.  He and his friend had a great time "swimming' in the "pool" (ie living room rug) with their bathing suits and sun hats.  

Oh, and don't forget the heels.  

* After "swimming" we all attended a wedding of two young sweethearts.  The ceremony was every bit as charming as it looks, complete with the wedding song playing in the background and everyone very serious and quiet.  Wylie, a little embarrassed by the scene, officiated from inside his cardboard box pulpit.

* Kale and Papa snuggle up for a story, in his favorite blue dress "like Juju".  

* My new trick for dinner prep without the fuss.

Happy Monday!

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