Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Morsels: haircut

Somehow in the midst of sick children, unwrapped presents strewn about the floor, piles of laundry and dishes on Christmas morning, it seemed like just the right time to cut my hair.  

11 inches to Locks for Love, and I had a bob for four days.  

Then I headed to the salon and had the rest cut off.  It was my first real haircut (ie not done by myself)  in 4 years. It was nice.  I'm still adjusting to the new do--but in so many ways its great:  no static, no tangles, no sticking to my face at night.  I could get used to short.

Morsels: a few yummy tidbits so far this year:  

What's nice about this picture is me, inside with my coffee, while all three children are outside, having fun, together.  This picture was actually taken the 30th, so not officially the new year, and while you can't tell from the pic it was freezing outside and so so so windy.
They were exploring the new ice on the marsh (no worries, the water when thawed is not more than 12 inches deep).
There are few things I love more than exploring nature with my littles, but watching them explore it together without me, is certainly up there on the list.  I'm counting on lots more of this in this new year.

Two new friends, Tiger and Redhead.

Kale's new glasses--he found them at a friend's and has been wearing them off and on ever since.

 These two side by side most of the day, deep in one imaginative game after another (clothing always optional). 

Our running club, The Hot Chaffing Dishes, kicked some butt at the Set the Pace Race in Camden New Year's Day.  Here's a photo of my finish.  The weather was both amazing and concerning (climate change seems underway) but made for a great race.  Yay ladies!  
(just as an aside the Dishes are a group of women who love to run together.  We are all ages and abilities, anyone in the Belfast area can join. Check us out on Facebook). 

Our new zip line.  We're still working out a few snags--and trying to find a height/speed that feels both safe and fun for all.  You can't tell from this angle, but right now its down right terrifying.  

Worms, in January!  This really has me concerned for our climate, and a bit sad for the lack of snow fun.   But it has also got me thinking about our garden for this new year. I'm ready to start planning out the beds.  It was so warm today I could have started the peas.  

Happy New Year!

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  1. I love that haircut, it looks fantastic! Good job in the race too, I think I will get back into doing 5k's this year. The warm weather is a bit insane isn't it. I haven't listened to it yet, but NPR has a segment about changing up the calendar to compensate for the seasonal variations that I'm hoping to listen to.


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