Friday, January 20, 2012

Open Heart

I just finished yoga, in my living room with my amazing friend using Google plus.  We had dinner and margaritas with friends this evening, after skating with and hanging with still more friends this afternoon.  I run twice a month with an incredible group of women who are so inspiring. Weekly the kids and I learn with a growing group of homeschoolers who are so invested in their learning/teaching/playing its a blast to be around.  I am lucky to have a sister I look up to, who is near enough to be a part of several of the above mentioned groups.  I have three other siblings who I don't see nearly enough but who all have a great time together when it happens.  I have a mother who is the best Mimi around.  I have a husband who loves his family (duh) but who also loves his job--which is really great because it means I can stay home (which I really love) and we all get what we need.  Our community is full of supportive, talented teachers, artists and crafters (check out one friend's new site here and another one over here).  We have farmers who grow and sell nutritious locally grown food all year round and we are able to afford it and eat it daily.  We are all healthy.  Our children are beautiful, smart, funny little people.  It is January in Maine and it is snowing.

In yoga we did some back bends today, some chest stretching, heart opening asanas.  I guess they worked.

I feel so grateful for all the love around us.

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