Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ice Discovery

Last week on our wild weather day Kale found a chunk of ice in the yard.  
"What's this?" he asked mischievously--dimple deep and eyes gleaming.  
It was a jagged triangular chunk, so I could only imagine it must look to him like either a vehicle, or a weapon.  "Nevada" I guessed.  
"Nope" its ice, for our nature table." (geesh mom).   
me:   "What do you think will happen if you put it inside on our nature table?"  
K:  "Its not going to melt, because its not snow".  
We put it in a plastic container just in case.  

Well, it melted.  
Sometime later that afternoon Kale discovered the puddle in his container and joyfully announced, 
"It did melt!".  He didn't mind being wrong.  He didn't say he'd known it would melt all along (though I suspect he did know) He was thrilled with his new discovery.  
I think we could all learn a little lesson in humility from preschoolers. 

Earlier this week we were ice skating on the rink in town and Kale said, 
"Mama, ice is just like a big ice cube."
Me:  "Yeah, it is just like  a big ice cube". 
K:  "Yeah, but Mama, its really water you know."  

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid? 


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