Sunday, February 17, 2013


Two years ago,when I started this blog I wrote a bit about why we homeschool.  A reader recently asked a question about our homeschooling, so I went back and re-read what I'd written, expecting to have a different take on things now that we've had a little more experience.  But really it all still applies.

Everyday I am grateful for the freedom in our schedule to enjoy the outdoors whenever we want for however long we need.  We appreciate not having to learn at others' pace, or according to someone else's timeline.  We love the opportunity to delve into projects and studies as they become interesting to the children, be it WWI history and Algebra, logic brain teasers, piano, drafting houses for Lego construction, cursive writing or bubble letters.  And, everyday, despite the inevitable arguments, name calling, and angry outbursts, I am grateful for my children's relationships with one another.  It is a daily practice in the art of cooperation, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, and appreciation for others' strengths.  We all need our own space sometimes to be sure, and its a rare day when there isn't some kind of complaining about who won't play what, or who can't play this...  But when they seek each other out and start a game where they each have a part, the three of them just playing-- together, that's when I really appreciate this time we're giving them.
Its a nice way to live.  


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  1. I love this, and struggle with our decision whether or not to homeschool just one for this very reason.


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