Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homeschool Thursday

We haven't been very organized in our learning this season, and I generally feel OK with that--but last week was kind of stressing out about the lack of "school" work being done.  As I was headed to the shelf for some of our lesson books I stopped to realize what I might be interrupting if I brought out the math.  I went for the camera instead.  Here's a peak at one morning last week, 8:20 am:

Wylie had disassembled his robotic arm (thanks Mimi!) and was putting it together on his own;

Juniper was counting her piggy bank money;

Kale was making me some tea.  Perhaps the math book could wait.

Later in the day:  dramatic play outside in the "rocket ship", inspired by "George's Secret Key to the Universe" by Lucy and Stephen Hawking; 

Kale reading about rocks and minerals;  

The following day:  creating a Viking boat.  This was part of our "formal" history study, in a unit on the Middle Ages that we're suddenly embracing, 

Plenty of cutting by the youngest among us. 
And the beginning of a set of alphabet books of the Middle Ages.

This is why I find blogging and journaling so helpful.  Sometimes this quiet work we in our own homes is hard to recognize until we step back from it. 

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