Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Morsels

Morsels: Tasty bites from the past few days...

Despite this weeks forecast of snow showers mixed with rain, and Easter's snow squall, we have pretty much settled into spring.  A few things I'm loving about spring right now:

* Hand-knits that don't need to be covered up by snow suits.  (The hat is mine, but the sweet vest is a favorite from Auntie Heide, worn first by cousin Ollie).  

* Tulips! No, not in the garden (yet) but the ones from the grocery store are pretty swell too.  

* Adding bits here and there to our seasonal table, and enjoying them through the eyes of a 2 year old.  

* Soccer shoes!  We found these tiny hand-me-downs and Kale's been wearing them pretty much everywhere (never mind that they're three sizes too big).  

And since he's dressed for sports, why not tee-ball? (There's that clay again--paired with a small funnel its the perfect tee).  

* A bucket-full of bee supplies, just purchased at Swan's Honey in Albion, ME.  
* Dying eggs, and documenting the dying of eggs.  This year we tried some fancy watercolor paints for dying--no good.  So we switched to what we had on hand:  purple cabbage, coffee, yellow onion skins, and beets.  These always make the best eggs anyway.  

 Happy Monday.

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