Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sounds of Spring

(From our front porch, 8:30 pm--sound only)  

Around here we know its really spring when the frogs start to sing.  They started up about a month ago during that early hot spell, and then somehow hunkered down for a few cold weeks, even enduring some snow.  But they are back at it again, and going strong.  So far its mostly the peepers, with the wood frogs, bull frogs and tree toads soon to follow.  Add to this chorus the shrieking, dinosaur-like calls of the pileated woodpeckers (we've had a family of four tiny young ones chasing one another from tree to tree in our yard this week!) the tap-tap-tapping of all the other woodpeckers calling their mates, the cheeping of brand new chicks arrived this week, and the cry of the loons late at night.  Sounds good to me.  

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  1. Love this. I forgot how much I miss those sounds.


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