Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Last week was like summer again, and we made the most of it--especially knowing that a week of much needed rain was headed our way.  A brief glimpse, and very few words about what we've been up to, and a few new things around here:

Boats in the outdoor tub.

Brothers digging in the yard (clothing optional).

New leaves!  These were trimmed by a road crew and we couldn't let these tiny leaves wilt just hours after opening.   

A little planting in the garden:  peas, carrots, beets, kale, and assorted greens.  And we built a frog pond. 

Also new to the garden, a sink!  Just in time for our first harvest, dandelion greens (and we didn't even plant them!). 

New fire truck jammies for our truck loving toddler, details soon.   

Summery snacks in amazing colors

Lovey, Maxi , Sleepy-Peep,   

and Betty Lou,  Oh my.

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