Friday, April 13, 2012

Old and New

The kids and I spent the first half of the week out of the house, and out of the way of the worker guys while they installed this bad boy in our mudroom closet:

It might not look like much, but when we mentioned to our guy about how we kinda wished we were dropping the cash on something a little more exciting he said, I think you're gonna be pretty excited about this.
It's a Venmar heat exchanger.  It takes a bunch of the old, warm air out of our kitchen, bathrooms, and mudroom, and uses the heat from this air to heat incoming fresh air which gets blown into our bedrooms.  We already notice a difference, and it will be a huge improvement in the fall/early winter with some of the moisture issues we've been having.  So yeah, its a good thing.  

Also good was having to empty all of the closets/storage areas to make space for the duct work (ok the emptying wasn't good--but it made for a necessary clean out and the discovery of some new/old treasures)  
such as Dapper Dan.  This was Rob's as a boy, and I am so wishing I still had my Dressy Bessie to go with him.  

Also from Rob's childhood, unearthed in the big clean out is this awesome shirt that is perfect for Kale.  I'm feeling a little adventurous and may actually try to sew another of these for him in a size up. Its hard to tell here, but it has this funny little tie at the waist, and flare cuffs.  Not to mention the print!  Ha.  

While out and about for three full days we ended up in Goodwill and found a few more new/old treasures:    This round yellow mirror--as I was snapping the pic, Juni hopped up to peek in to the mirror.  (In the frame is Rob and I in college!) 
Also these little red Pyrex dishes that are making me so happy whenever I see them.

And, the flower power pants seen on Juni in our kitchen picnic below.  It was a Goodtrip to Goodwill. And it was really good to come home again.  Thursday we did nothing but bake cookies, picnic in the kitchen and listen to audio books.  

Here's to a nice weekend, with a lot more time spent right at home.  Hope you have a good one too.  

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