Friday, November 30, 2012

Homeschool Thursday: any given day...

Well its not Thursday--but since I've missed several Thursday posts, and since we homeschool everyday, here's a glance back at this past week to give you an idea of what we  may be learning about on any given day:  

Starting campfires with flint and steel (and matches when necessary) 

Electrical experiments with voltmeters and discussions of circuits and how they work.

Cleaning out the chicken coop and giving the ladies some nice leaves.

Puppet making anyone?  Wylie came downstairs yesterday morning with a plan drawn for creating a marionette.  With breakfast to make and a birthday party to prepare for we managed to put together these two funny guys.  I love how Tim Burtonish they turned out.  Kind of creepy in a lovable sort of way.  

Science lessons at breakfast--right now we're talking about gravity, the Earth's rotation and other earth science.  Mostly using Nebel's science (that I posted about here...,) along with some Janice VanCleave.

And there's hardly any point in homeschooling (at least in my mind) without plenty of time for play.  Their favorites right now are these Roy Toy lincoln log type blocks--made in Maine!  PlayMobile guys, Legos of course, lots of pretending/ imaginative play, and plenty of art work.  

Its a good time.  

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