Thursday, November 15, 2012


Its officially pie day here, in preparation for an early Thanksgiving with my side of the family this weekend.  On the to do list 6 pies (maybe more!) and broccoli for 16.  


In our family it isn't Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes with marshmellos and at least 5 kinds of pie.
I'm making a deep dish apple, apple tart, lemon meringue (with this curd), two pumpkins, and a pecan.  This is the first time I have broken down and bought canned pumpkin.  I'm still feeling a bit like a fraud.  Its not that I don't think its good enough, but its just so different than the pumpkin pie we grew up with when its from a can.  Fresh pumpkin is so much more solid, and substantial somehow.  The crust recipe is all from gluten free girl accept I used the Arrow Head Mills gluten free flour mix.  I've never used this so I hope it works out all right.  Perhaps we should eat one of those pumpkin pies today to make sure!  I've never made a pecan, and am looking for a recipe that doesn't call for corn syrup.  Any suggestions?  
Its a bit of a scene here (as you can imagine) with five pies in the works, piano practice in the back ground--think Jingle Bells and Mary's Lamb over and over and over..., math and handwriting on the table among electric Legos, laptop, watercolor paints, and 3 children just about starving to death as I'll I'm preparing is pie that they've been forbidden to touch....
Back at it!


  1. Yum, now I am really sad to be missing Thanksgiving with the family. We used canned pumpkin quite frequently and it really doesn't come close to the real thing. I wonder if you could just melt down some sugar and xylem gum in place of the corn syrup.

  2. Woo hoo! Love this season of making and creating, baking and giving.


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