Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mud and Bees

We had to take advantage of the crazy warm weather yesterday and hit the beach--er...mudflats.   We got together with some friends for a small picnic by the foot bridge and enjoyed the sun, dilly beans, and watched the children get muddy.  It was a very different scene from the sliding and snowballs of last week.

Also, the bees are home!  Our very good, very strong friends hoisted these ladies across their field, into the back of the truck, then across our yard to their new home, marsh-side, here at Frogwater.  I had my camera ready to document the move, but it went so smoothly I forgot to take any pics.  Though I guess seamless is what you're going for when moving bees.  The bees enjoyed the sun even more than we did, and got a chance to stretch their wings and explore their new yard before hunkering down again.  

It looks like a few more days of beautiful weather, at least in these parts.  Enjoy!

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