Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little bit of winter

It really hasn't been very winter-like yet this season and while its not officially winter I expect a little snow,  and the possibility of ice skating by mid December--in Maine.  Oh well.  Its hard to complain about sunshine and warm weather.  If the world is slowly burning up at least we can enjoy it for a while.

But, we did get about 2 inches of slushy stuff on Monday and the kids were on their skis around the yard before breakfast.  Even if the grass showing through that slush is as green as July, they're ready.
So, despite the outdoor truth, the seasonal table is sporting its new winter scene and the kids have been decorating the windows with pine cone garlands.  We're looking forward to sledding and snowshoes, but we'll make the most of this opportunity to run in capris a bit longer, dig in the sandbox, and all the while celebrate (the way 3-year olds do) in the finding of soggy pine cones, sugar cookies, and red berries declaring it is in fact nearly Christmas.  


I guess if we want it enough we can find the season just about anywhere...

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