Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We Got a Kitten!

Because the holidays are not quite busy enough with three children home (and in and out and being shuttled about) all day, Christmas baking, ornaments, trees, lights, wrapping, concerts and parties...we got a kitten!  Tipping the scales to near chaos, but also plenty of joy.  Look at that face (in this pic she's actually in my pocket).  

And look at this face as well.  Adoration.  Even Rob who claims he is not a pet fan takes time each morning and evening  to sit with Gracie and visit. 

 Marley dog (chicken killer that she is) has her own thoughts about Gracie.  For now we're taking it slowly, with plenty of close supervision...oh and a muzzle for good measure.  No kitty snacks for Christmas.  

Also plenty of "elving" happening here, and though not as much sewing and knitting by me as past years, there is a larger effort on the whole family making goodies for friends.  Its good. 


On Monday we got enough snow to pull out the tractor and plow--though needlessly since it was gone by morning.  Still 6 more days for a snowy Christmas.  We're hoping.  Until then, lots more wrapping, mixing, celebrating and snuggling with our fuzzy little Gracie.  

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