Thursday, December 13, 2012

Homeschool Thursday

I love to organize spaces--our play table, seasonal table, studio, etc.  Trying always to create a space that is inviting and efficient.  I think this is crucial in any home, and particularly in one when learning is happening all the time.  However, I am not particularly skilled at organizing my/our time or schedule (I'm working on this truly but its slow going).  Fortunately, my children--and I suspect most others, make the most of any unstructured time to fit in the activities in which they are most interested.  So, with very little structure here is a list of topics discussed, some in passing, others in detail one morning last week:  

rabid foxes, foxes vs. coyotes, cumulative law, bar graphs, x-y axis, earth's rotation, seasons, what would happen on earth if it took Earth only 1hr. to circle the sun, the cardinality of various sets (thank you Life of Fred)  animals with many sharp teeth, Fahrenheit vs. Celsius, daily nutritional requirements, medieval tools...  

Insert several snacks, watercolor painting, read a-louds, a tantrum or two and plenty of Lego play for a picture of what a typical day at home is like around these parts.   

Wylie's Rock Hammer 
A cozy place
Roy Toy building blocks with clementine foot path
Crayola white board--the new favorite way to practice letters at our house (thanks Grandma Max!)

As you can imagine we don't get bored very often.

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